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June 2024



Bigfoot/Yeti video-possible hoax

This video shows a yeti running towards a cabin and coming through the window. Our footage analysis team has determined this video to be a fraud. Still, entertaining anyway.

Patterson Bigfoot Footage-Enhanced by M.K.Davis

This is a enhanced version of the infamous Patterson Bigfoot film shot at Bluff creek. M.K. Davis does an excellent job showing muscle movements that would be impossible for a man in a suit to replicate.

Patterson Footage-Gait Analysis

This video show computer analysis of skeletal structure of Bigfoot “Patty” while she walks away from Roger Patterson.

MK Davis/Patterson Film-Full Speed&Full Size/Slomo&Zoom

This video enhanced by M.K.Davis is stabilized and shows a much clearer view of Bigfoot.


If you take a look at the list of pages you will see we have added a new UFO/Area 51 page. This is where you will find all things regarding UFO’s and Area 51. Just another way keeps you current on all alien activity. Always remember, if its not on, then its not worth looking at anyway. Hope you all enjoy and have a Happy New Year!!

Female Yeti Almasty attacking locals

Researchers in Chegemsky Gorge found evidence of yeti activity in the area. Residents refer to these hairy female yetis as,”The Almasty” Some of the men openly admit to spending “intimate time” with the sexy yeti.

People say that they have had quite a number of encounters with yeti in the area around the town of Elbrus. “There are many deserted barns over there with boulders and woods around. They most often spot the Almasty there. She comes to town from there,” local resident Adelgery Tilov said. The settlement of Elbrus is entirely surrounded by woods and mountains. “The Almasty is hairy and big but she can definitely tempt a man,” one of the elders, Kazi Khajiyev said. “The Almasty can bewitch a man. They say that a man is helpless against her seductive skills. It is something like hypnosis,” the man said Adilgery says that fire is the ultimate attraction to the yeti. Most of the encounters occur when people sit by the fire.

“I made a fire near the barn where I often slept. When I opened my eyes very early in the morning, there she was.  She was not tall, a bit more than one meter in height. She was black and her fur was shiny. I was scared to death, and was lying there still,she came closer and touched my leg. She stayed there for about 2 hours, doing whatever she wanted. Then she got up and vanished in the woods,” the man said.

Bigfoot seen in Snelling

Can bears run on their hind legs for 300 yards or so?

I dont think so. I seen alot of critters round here but never seen one run like that. Anyway, it was December 21,2007 I was out fishin at my usual spot, good fishn there. I catch dinner there about twice a week. Anyway,my usual spot looked as if someone had gutted a deer there or somethin, so I walked further up the river than I usually do. When I came to a clearing in the brush along the river I sat my chair down and cast out my line. The current was a little stronger than my preferred spot and after about 5 minutes, my line drifted into some cattails along the river downstream. As I got up to go try to untangle my line I heard someone running. I figured it was just some kids or somethin. I turned back around and looked up the trail that continued up the river and thats when I seen the thing. I dont know what the hell it was. It was about 7 feet tall with hair all over. It was huge. I was so scared, I left my tackle box. I havent went fishing since,and dont plan to. I cant tell my wife what I saw, it will scare her to death. You see, she told me of somethin she saw one day about half way up the mountain behind our cabin. She was hangin up clothes when she seen something like I saw when i was fishn. Its out there still and im scared to death. Im thinkn of moving. Im thinkn of goin back to get some pictures of the tracks it left.But I want to buy a rifle first. Im goin to buy one this afternoon.

I gotta go find my beer now.

thank you for listening..

I will keep in touch.

Received via email on January 5 2007

Sighting submitted by: A.J.

Location: in the area Snelling, Ca.

Nearly Killed by Bigfoot

My brother and I will never forget the day we knew for sure Bigfoot was real.We were investigating claims that a large hairy man-like creature was living inside of a barn in the foothills near Snelling Ca. My brother took this picture of Bigfoot nearly killing me. Luckily, the camera noice distracted him long enough for me to run.

I wonder how much a real Bigfoot would sell for…

The rubber bigfoot costume used earlier this year as evidence of bigfoot being found is up for auction on eBay, and bidding has passed $200,000.

The story of Bigfoot’s discovery made news headlines globally in August. Former police officer Matt Whitton and his friend, Rick Dyer, with the support of Bay Area Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi published a photo that allegedly showed Bigfoot in an icebox, complete with animal parts. The hoax didn’t stop there however, with Biscardi holding a media conference a week later, claiming that the first tests were inconclusive. The hoax was only discovered when independent testing found that the alleged body was nothing more than a Halloween costume.

The current owner of the “corpse,” William Lett, came into possession of the costume after lending Biscardi $50,000 to purchase it from the two who originally claimed to have found it

The Latest from Jack Links

In the light of the unsettling truth of the latest Bigfoot fiasco, a little humor is in order.