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How to get your F.B.I. File

The Federal Bureau of Investigations keeps files on almost every person in the entire country. They are required by law to send you a copy of  your file if requested.
There will not be any charge if the file is under fifty pages.
They charge $0.10 for every page over 50 pages.  Your file can be obtained by simply mailing a letter to them.  However,the letter must be worded properly or else they will not comply, or
may only send you part of it.  Here is the address which you may use to contact the F.B.I.:

Federal Bureau of Investigations
Washington D.C., 20535

Here is the letter

Dear Sir:
I am requesting a copy of any personal file which you may have on myself.

(SSN <Your social security number>).
In addition, I am requesting copies of all files, dossiers, documents, or materials referring
to myself.  If you consider some material exempt from diclosure, release the material to me with deletions indicated and specify your legal support for having made those deletions.  Finally, I
require a response within ten working days, as provided by the Freedom of Information Act.  I appreciate your time and your compliance with my request and the law.

Thank you


This letter must be notarized.  To notarize a letter go to some bank, NOT the Post Office.  The bank will check your identification and stamp your letter, then go to the P.O. and mail it.  The C.I.A. also has files, but I believe they stopped updating information in 81.  A similar request can be made of ANY government agency. Have a good time.

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