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Be a Better YetiTracker

We have recieved many emails and messages from fellow yeti and or Bigfoot trackers from all over the globe. Many of you ask us how we manage to see so many Yetis. Below are some of the reasons we see way more yetis than all the “other guys”. Were not interested in where Bigfoot was yesterday. We would much rather sit right down next to these amazing creatures and get a more personal experience. Some of our team members have shared food with these creatures even held hands! Anyway, if your going to have a chance of doing what we do almost everyday, then your gonna have to follow the four Yetitracker Golden Rules.

1. Be quiet!!

If you have ever tried to sneak up on your cat, then you know the cat always spots you first. Animals in the wild are the same way. You must move with a stealthy stride . If you need some help with this get yourself a copy of “Missing in Action” with Chuck Norris. Click video below.


It this film Chuck evades capture many times with his Ninja-like movements. Practice sneaking up on your grandmother first. Then try the lady that greets you at Wal-mart. Work up to the security guard down at I-Hop. Searching for a Yeti without these skills is like trying to play pro football without a day of practice. Your just setting yourself up for failure.

2. Blend in with your surroundings

Most of the yetis out in the wild do not feel comfortable around other two legged creatures. (Especially with clothes on) We here at recommend you wear something that makes you appear as if you belong in the forest. An excellent example of something a yeti would not be fearful of is a deer or moose suit. I know it sounds strange but the Yetitracker research team never leave on an expedition without their wild game suits. By putting on a costume that makes you appear like wild game, you will appear friendly to anything you are tracking. I prefer the adult female moose suit. It enables me to walk on all fours so I not only look like a moose but I sound like one too!! Just remember to keep track of moose mating season in your region or else you could get an unpleasant surprise.

3. Skip the shower.

The purfumes and other things found in soap can be detected by a Bigfoot or Yeti as far as 3 miles away. Unless you enjoy observing these wonderful beings from afar, make sure you dont smell like anything man made. This means leave the aftershave and insect repellant at home. Unlike your girlfriend, Bigfoot does not find your old spice attractive. If you are serious about hooking up with a sasquatch, then the next time you pass a carcass while driving down the road, pull over and throw it in the trunk. When you get home, take it out and put it next to you in bed while your sleeping. The long exposure will saturate your pours and Bigfoot will be very pleased with your aroma.

4. Be confident!!

The first time I spotted a Bigfoot was in the California. I remember how scared I was. Looking back now I am certain my body language frightened the Beloved Beast. If you are not confident you belong with these animals, how do you think they will respond to you? If you cant approach a Yeti or Bigfoot in a friendly loving manner how can you expect the Yeti or Bigfoot to be open to what you have to offer? These are questions you should ask yourself before you attempt looking for another Bigfoot or any elusive Bi-ped for that matter.

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