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Alot of skeptics out there….

We were not prepared. Maybe we didnt really believe it either. Until the day that changed both of our lives. My brother and I have seen the beast. The elusive biped that hides in the trees. He is always watching. He is always a step ahead of those who seek the truth. Bigfoot has a way of disappearing right before your eyes. So, for those who need some hard evidence of Bigfoots existence, here it is. This is the image that my brother captured while we were investigating a Bigfoot sighting in the foothills of California. In the photo, Bigfoot can be seen standing in the shadows,directly behind me. He dropped out of the rafters of an old barn. We got a call from a man claiming a large,hairy man-like creature was occasionally sleeping in his barn. He refused to go in with us. We know why now.

“Finding Bigfoot” TV Series hopes to prove that Bigfoot is real.

Siberian Yeti

As Reported in the news recently, scientists have supposedly found real evidence of the existence of a hairy bipedal creature known as the Siberian Yeti. Researchers are claiming they are 96% sure that the fabled Russian version of the Abominable Snowman lives in the Kemerovo region of Siberia. a group of  scientists set out for the remote mountainous area in search of the elusive being. and it didn’t take very long for them to issue a statement on the official Kemerovo website stating they had found “footprints, a probable den and various markers that Yetis mark their territory with.”

They concluded that the artifacts gave them 96% proof of the existence of Yeti in the Kemerovo region. Some possible Yeti hair samples reportedly found in the region will be analyzed in a laboratory to determine their origin.

The jury is still out on the case but our own Trent “Yetiman” Mullen was on site for a comment. “This doesn’t seem to be any more than a group of inexperienced field researchers finding some hair of undetermined origin and calling it Bigfoot hair.  there is no proof here that would hold up zoologically. additionally, I can attest personally that there is no way these people could find the lair of the yeti.”

Skeptics point out that the area of Siberia that’s allegedly home to the yeti legend helps promote tourism. In fact, opening day of the ski season is known as the “Day of the Yeti” — an attempt to bring in more skiers to the area.

people making money off of the Yeti? ….nahhh

Forest Ninja!

He’s far superior to the ninja. as one commenter put it;

We’ve found ninjas. We haven’t found Sasquatch.
Sasquatch = 1
Ninjas = 0

More proof Bigfoot is Real!!

This video discusses some interesting facts regarding the famous Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot footage. A must see for you skeptics out there…enjoyBIGFOOT: A closer look at the Patterson/Gimlin footage.

Bigfoot Spotted in Downtown Portland

PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER) — It took four men to wrangle the eight-foot tall, four hundred pound creature and shepard him into his new home. Although this incarnation of the legendary Sasquatch, also commonly referred to as bigfoot, is just a life size replica, the effort to move the motionless monster was Herculean.

“We moved about 40,000 books I think that first move, so that one was definitely a lot tougher,” said Jeff Whitehouse, one of the hired hands helping with the move. “That took a long time. This one actually was awkward, but easier to move.”

Whitehouse is among a group of guys helping Loren Coleman realize his dream – to open the world’s first cryptozoology museum here in the heart of Portland.

“One of the great things about going public here is that all kinds of individuals, youth groups, tourists and other researchers from around the country, can come here on Congress Street and enjoy the fruits of 50 years of research in cryptozoology,” said Coleman. “This is going to be a focal point now for the scientific establishment and sharing of information on cryptozoology.”

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals. Loren Coleman has travel across most of the United States in his research on legendary animals like the abominable snowman and larger-than-life sea creatures like Lake Champlain’s Champ. His collection was housed in his home and open to outsiders by appointment only. Now, Coleman wants the public to view his collection and learn about cryptozoology in his new museum.

“Well, there is all kinds of different ridicule and laughter and all of that, but the other part of it is that people are really interested in the nature-based, adventure-based part of cryptozoology, understanding that new species are discovered all the time,” said Coleman. “I was very interested to know what was it about the yeti that made some people so skeptical and some people into true believers. I’m somewhere in between.”

Coleman’s goal is to open his museum November 1st in a space that he will share with a bookstore. He hopes the increased exposure will get people thinking. It already has influenced the men helping him make the move.

“Typically I am known as a bigfoot whisperer, but it is not confirmed,” joked Jeff Meuse. “It is a big task, but it is definitely is helping him out.” Meuse says after moving thousands of books out of storage for Coleman, the real intriguing items were next to be carted away. “Feejee Mermaid. Bigfoot prints. So much stuff, I mean, hair samples from sasquatches,” he said as he listed off just some of the items he and his crew were hauling. “It would be hard pressed to say that all of the stuff that he has for the museum will fit in there.”

“He definitely is an interesting character, both Bigfoot and Mr. Coleman,” stated Whitehouse. “It is definitely something to consider and think about because there is a lot of space on this Earth that has been uncharted and we just don’t know.”

scientist convinced of yeti existence

In a BBC TV interview, Britain’s Sir David Attenborough said he is “absolutely baffled” by footprints that may have been left by the Yeti.
“Very, very convincing footprints have been found,” at 19,000-foot elevations, he said. “Nobody goes up to 19,000 feet just to make a joke.”  Attenborough, 82, is known for his coverage of animals and nature for the BBC.

Audio proof of the elusive beast we all love!!

Below is a recording of a 911 call made sometime last week. We believe this recording to be solid proof of Bigfoots existence. Listen and enjoy.


The Yeti has Been Found!!

Locals kept it a secret as long as they could. Now, surfers on the Oregon coast can not hide it any longer. This giant wave is known as “The Yeti”, for obvious reasons. Its big and scary and can snap your neck like a carrot if you dare to tame this powerful blue beast. In the surfing world, this wave brings great excitement. One surfer said, “When a surfer sees this wave in person,for the first time, its like the first time he saw a Playboy. I get more excited during Christmas myself, but that’s just me. Word of this, watery wave of death is spreading like a desease at the carnival, and I have a feeling this Yeti will be in the news again soon. If your having thoughts of surfing this monster,you need help. No, not a better surfboard, Im thinking more like suicide hotline…maybe.

Enhanced Patterson Film Footage

The famous Patterson Footage sharpened and zoomed.