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The Patterson Gimlin Sighting

The Roger Patterson- Bob Gimlin Bigfoot Film is without question, the strongest evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, ever captured on film. Roger Patterson and life long friend, Bob Gimlin shot the film while investigating “unknown tracks” that had been discovered on a logging road in Bluff Creek, Ca. Roger and Bob felt they were closer to solving the “Bigfoot mystery” than ever before. They had no idea just how close they were.
Roger and Bob spent alot of time together hunting Bigfoot. They shared the passion. They lived for the hunt. Were they simply ready to retire,and needed a larger nest egg? Or is the film authentic? The truth is, nobody really knows for sure.
It began with a telephone call. Rogers wife took the call .The report was of three different size tracks. Perhaps two parents and a younger yeti. When Roger and Bob arrived at the location of the tracks,little was left. The rain had nearly washed them away.
It was October 20, 1967, day seven of their expedition. Roger was quietly adding up the overdue fees for the rented video equipment when his horse threw him to the ground. Something walking up the creek had spooked the horses. Roger quickly grabbed his video camera and began filming. The film he captured has since convinced many people that Bigfoot is real. It also made Roger some cash. Bob still on his horse, grabbed his rifle. Holding it with both hands, he was ready to fire if Bogfoot started to harm or eat Roger. Bob Gimlin had a very important job. To defend Roger while he shot the film. I cant help but wonder why Bob never got a dime. Regardless, his story remains the same. Bob Gimlin still says that what they saw that day was real. As real as you and me. Modern equipment has allowed scientists to look at the film in ways not previously possible. As a result, new shocking evidence has been discovered that prove the “monkey suit theory” impossible. This shocking new evidence can be found on a two DVD documentary titled. I had to put on clean underwear after watching it, you should see it. Thats all im gonna say about the documentary titled, Deep in the California Forest.The footage was captured in Bluff Creek,California on October 20, 1967. Many experts believe the film to be proof of Bigfoots existence. Others remain sceptical, claiming the creature in the film is really Bob Gimlin in a monkey suit. Roger Patterson had been involved in the search for the elusive Bigfoot for almost his whole life. People who knew him say he was obsessed with the creature. Patterson has since passed away,but Bob Gimlin, to this day claims the footage to be real. Currently, nobody has proven the film to be a hoax. Bob Gimlin, a highly experienced outdoorsman and close friend of Patterson, agreed to accompany him on a expedition to search for the creature.
In the early afternoon of October 20, 1967 Patterson and Gimlin spotted a Bigfoot by the creek Patterson’s horse reared in alarm, bringing both horse and rider to the ground. Being an experienced horseman, he quickly disengaged himself and grabbed his camera. While running toward the creature, Patterson took 24 feet of colour film footage. During this time, the creature quickly but calmly walked away across the sandbar into the woods. In the meantime, Gimlin observed the whole scene, rifle in hand, in case his friend was attacked by the creature. The men had previously agreed that under no circumstances would they shoot a Bigfoot unless in self-protection. The creature, estimated to be 7 feet 3½ inches in height and weighing 700 pounds, left footprints 14½ inches long by 6 inches wide. In that part of Bluff Creek, there is a sandy clay soil with a blue-gray tinge. This type of soil holds footprints remarkably well for a long period of time
Fearing a possible confrontation with the creature and perhaps others of its kind, the two men decided not to pursue their prey into the forest. They reasoned that they had photographic evidence of its existence and did not want to put the creature or themselves in jeopardy.
The film has been studied by many scientists throughout the world who continue to remain divided on the authenticity of the sighting. Roger Patterson died in January, 1972 steadfast in his belief in the creature’s existence. Robert Gimlin, who now resides in Yakima, also continues to maintain that what he saw was the elusive North American Bigfoot. To this time, no firm evidence has surfaced to cast a doubt on this truly amazing discovery.

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