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Alot of skeptics out there….

We were not prepared. Maybe we didnt really believe it either. Until the day that changed both of our lives. My brother and I have seen the beast. The elusive biped that hides in the trees. He is always watching. He is always a step ahead of those who seek the truth. Bigfoot has a […]

Bigfoot Spotted in Downtown Portland

PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER) — It took four men to wrangle the eight-foot tall, four hundred pound creature and shepard him into his new home. Although this incarnation of the legendary Sasquatch, also commonly referred to as bigfoot, is just a life size replica, the effort to move the motionless monster was Herculean. “We moved about […]

Audio proof of the elusive beast we all love!!

Below is a recording of a 911 call made sometime last week. We believe this recording to be solid proof of Bigfoots existence. Listen and enjoy. 911-bigfoot-attack

Enhanced Patterson Film Footage

The famous Patterson Footage sharpened and zoomed.

Patterson Bigfoot Footage-Enhanced by M.K.Davis

This is a enhanced version of the infamous Patterson Bigfoot film shot at Bluff creek. M.K. Davis does an excellent job showing muscle movements that would be impossible for a man in a suit to replicate.

Patterson Footage-Gait Analysis

This video show computer analysis of skeletal structure of Bigfoot “Patty” while she walks away from Roger Patterson.

MK Davis/Patterson Film-Full Speed&Full Size/Slomo&Zoom

This video enhanced by M.K.Davis is stabilized and shows a much clearer view of Bigfoot.

Female Yeti Almasty attacking locals

Researchers in Chegemsky Gorge found evidence of yeti activity in the area. Residents refer to these hairy female yetis as,”The Almasty” Some of the men openly admit to spending “intimate time” with the sexy yeti. People say that they have had quite a number of encounters with yeti in the area around the town of Elbrus. “There are […]

Bigfoot seen in Snelling

Can bears run on their hind legs for 300 yards or so? I dont think so. I seen alot of critters round here but never seen one run like that. Anyway, it was December 21,2007 I was out fishin at my usual spot, good fishn there. I catch dinner there about twice a week. Anyway,my […]

Nearly Killed by Bigfoot

My brother and I will never forget the day we knew for sure Bigfoot was real.We were investigating claims that a large hairy man-like creature was living inside of a barn in the foothills near Snelling Ca. My brother took this picture of Bigfoot nearly killing me. Luckily, the camera noice distracted him long enough […]