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It began as just a way to share our experiences on the trail of the most elusive being on our planet. Today is about so much more than that. Not only do we keep you posted on all of the most recent yeti news, we provide you with a vast collection of knowledge as well. Anything on the internet thats worth viewing is here. Maybe not yet,but it will be. So kick back,relax your achy mind, and enjoy what everyone is talking about… was founded in 2006 by two curious brothers that were tired of hunting just frogs. It is our intention to increase the intrest in the Yeti,Bigfoot,etc.By carefully mixing truth with fiction we believe we can get more people thinking about these creatures. Our goal is to create a site that people find amusing yet interesting and informative. Some data regarding our staffs activities,names,and experiences is fiction.Alot of it is true. All the information regarding Bigfoot,the yeti,or any other creature still not proven to exist,is accurate and was collected over many years from various sources. We at want to make it clear to everyone that although our site contains some fictitious informatiion, it is in no way meant to discredit,make fun ,or hurt anyone. We understand that there are organizations whose efforts are directed solely to solving the mystery of the Yeti,Bigfoot,Sasquatch,or any such evasive Bipods. firmly believe that there is,without question undiscovered lifeforms on our planet. We have family members that have seen evidence that Bigfoot does in fact exist. Some here at would really like to believe but find it hard to. Maybe one day will solve the mystery.Until then,please read,enjoy,and dont take us too seriously. Thank you

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