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Welcome to Yetitracker

Most people call it a myth, and those who believe in that myth are crazy.But for real believers, the sarcasm of a skeptical society only fuels the fire.

I am speaking of the forever burning fire within the Yeti was founded to give strength and support to all who track this wonderful being. We also plan to share our experiences as trackers ourselves.Ultimately we hope to prove,without question, that the yeti is real, and therfore it is the world that is crazy, and not me….I mean us.

We are a small group of amatuer cryptozoologists who will not yield until the questions are all answered. Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, call it what you may, but never deny their existence.Because they are..very real. We at see them all the time.In fact some of my closest friends are..well nevermind. We will get to that later.

So now I must ask you this….Do You Believe?

It’s not easy to believe in the Sasquatch. Tell your family you’ve seen a Bigfoot, and they will laugh. Your credibility will constantly be weighed against your belief in a hairy, 7-foot beast that nobody can seem capture or even successfully photograph. Everyone around you will think you’re nuts Well, almost everyone…

Moat academics and professionals claim that further study is a waste of time, but others argue although current evidence may be lacking, new data should be evaluated objectively when discovered. Still, there are many people who continue to research and consider the existence of Bigfoot a possibility.

Yeti,Bigfoot,Sasquatch, call it what you may, but never deny their existence. Because they are..very real.

There once lived a very wise Sherpa that said “There is a yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the most blessed aren’t haunted by him”. I am confident I am not among the most blessed, because the yeti in my mind haunts me continously. I bet it was the yeti in your mind that brought you here in the first place. Consider your discovery of this site your own “virtual” yeti sighting…keep it to yourself….or people will think your crazy. Enjoy

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